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Air Transportation Services

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Take your next trip on one of our Hokie Birds! Our mission is to further the goals and objectives of Virginia Tech by providing safe, on-demand air transportation for:

  • Virginia Tech staff and faculty on official University business
  • All State employees on official State business
  • University-related corporations

The aircraft used to provide these services are often referred to as "Hokie Birds." Two are available for air transportation.

  • Cessna Citation Ultra
  • Cessna Citation Excel

We strive to make air transportation as safe, affordable, and convenient for our customers as possible. Our flying service can often be customized to fit your needs and choice of departure times and places. A Hokie Bird flight can save you time, money, and overnight expenses in the commute to large commercial airports. If you have a group traveling to a meeting, the cost savings can be considerable. When you compute your cost in salaries consumed in commuting, overnight expenses, meals, airline savings, etc., our service may be more cost-effective than flying commercially. Our rates are quite competitive.

Flight Quotes and Scheduling

To schedule a flight or to obtain flight quotes, please contact dispatcher Melissa Ball 231-2636 or

Payment Process

At the time a flight is scheduled the department must provide funding information. If state funds are to be used, the requesting department will be directed to enter an ISR in HokieMart prior to the flight. If Virginia Tech Foundation funds are to be used, the requesting department will be directed to complete a VTF Travel Services Authorization and email it to prior to the flight.

Questions? Comments?

Contact us at or 231-2636.